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六十年前 60 years ago … Dewa Kong Hock Keong, Melaka

Held its previous festival and this means it was in the year 1958 which is a year after Malaya Independence that the Kong Hock Keong temple inspected the streets of Melaka.
According to legend, the backward right side of the temple roof would somehow or rather leaked to signify a feud between the deity and his father-in-law. [Just know about this today.]
Come Sunday 1 April 2018, you are not encouraged to drive onto Jalan Portugis, because Taoist troops from many sects, as far as Singapore and China would team up with this temple for a diamond-celebration starting anytime after noon.
While doing a preliminary filming by DJI Spark drone, a Mr. Ng has informed me that some 200 very important persons will be honored by the temple and they will lead the procession along the following roads :
Jonker Walk Tan Kim Seng Bridge Quayside Jalan Merdeka Jalan Parameswara Jalan Bukit Senjuang Jalan Ujong Pasir Jalan Semabok Jalan Laksamana Cheng Ho Jalan Munshi Abdullah Hang Tuah Bridge Jalan Portugis

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