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Encore Melaka Theatre – A Theatre Never Like Before 又见马六甲

I have been waiting since 2015 for the staging of the Impression Series in Melaka and over time, I simply cannot resist to watch a short video of the series from sites in China on YouTube.

“ It is worth flying to an Encore Theatre or an Impression Theatre to watch the show though your home may by far away” - The WTO said after watching the first creation.

As a Melakan, I have read her history. The ‘Melaka Period’ began in the fifteenth-century and did not just ended in the following or next century but lingered on till the nineteenth century.

After the mouse deer pushed the dog into the river, the eastern dynasties and the western empires began to love Melaka. Melaka was a ' sleeping-hollow ' once. Today, Melaka is going to encore her glory again. Melaka got its name from Parameswara and when Ma Huan, who visited Melaka on Zheng He’s voyages reported that ancient Melaka was not a country or “ Kuo ” Ma Huan came to know that Melaka paid an annual tribute of 40 tael of gold to Siam…

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