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Fine Food, Impressive Interiors, Special Serenity

BicaAndCo on Level 01, Rosa Malacca, Parameswara Road, Melaka

Talk about food, BicaAndCo serves you :

FishSeared Ginger Salmon FilletBica Quinoa Crusted Fish and ChipsGrilled Sicilian Style Mackeret FilletFish (Refer Top)ChickenChicken Chop SchnitzelRoasted Chicken, Garlic & Arugula PestoCatalina ChickenAsian Glazed Chicken Chop On BoneFish (Refer Top)Chicken (Refer Top)VegetarianForest Mushroom FettuccineEggplant SchnitzelFish (Refer Top)Chicken (Refer Top)Vegetarian (Refer Top)Lamp & BeefLamb Shank RaguSmoked Paprika Chili Sirloin SteaksFish (Refer Top)Chicken (Refer Top)Vegetarian (Refer Top)Lamp and Beef (Refer Top)Pasta & NoodlesSeared Salmon LaksaFettuccine MarinaraFirecracker Chicken Wing LaksaShrimp Aglio Olio SpaghettiCajun Chicken Meat BallsSalted Egg Shrimp Spaghetti
Talk about Snacks, you've got these to share with the people you love. Asian Style Chicken NachosBang Bang ChickenRoasted Red Pepper Hummus
And if you have live to enjoy varieties, you've got …

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