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感谢您,拿督杨建筑局绅 马六甲同安金夏会馆

如果說父恩如山 母恩似海 那您就是我們心中 巍巍的大山 深邃的大海
在大家最失落的時刻 是您點起了明燈 在我們最無助的時候 有您撐起一片天
您是我們的天 讓我們從無到有 您是我們的地 讓我們無後顧憂
您是我們的唯一 沒有您 就沒有這一切
您是我們的永遠 護佑我們 走向希望 走向永遠
感謝您當我們的靠山 給我們最多的愛 感謝您當我們的天地 為我們開天闢地
我們會追逐您的腳步 讓愛繼續下去 我們會發揚您的精神 讓愛發光發熱
感謝您 感謝您 我們永遠 愛 您
Tong’an District is a northen mainland district of Xiamen which faces Kinmen and was made a county in AD 282 during the Jin Dynasty and again a county under the Tang Dynasty. Archaeological finding suggest that ancient China has a highly developed and sophisticated music culture and Chinese orchestra is an ancient form of music.
In 1953, the PRC government formed its first Chinese orchestra and by 1960s, a largely standardized form of Chinese orchestra had emerged and it has also being adopted well as a part of the Chinese communities outside China, namely Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, and Malaysia.
Some of the musical instruments used are Liuqin, Zhongruan, Daruan, Sanxian, Guzheng, Bowed Strings, Huqin, Cello and Double Bass, Wind, Dizi, Sheng and Suona.
Last Saturday, the Me…

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